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He undertook an 8 month period of laboratory based research based on human endothelial cell culture in the department of Immunology, Rayne Institute, St Thomas Hospital in 1989. Collaboration with the department of Haematology led to the thesis "The Adherence of Erythrocytes to Cytokine-Treated Endothelium" and subsequent publications. This work resulted in MRC funded collaboration with the sickle cell referencing centre. He also undertook practical and literary research into external eye disease and laser applications in the eye.


I was awarded a PhD for a British Heart Foundation funded research fellowship at the Unit of Critical Care, National Heart and Lung institute, and the Physiological Flow Studies Group, Imperial College School of Medicine, London. The research investigated structural and functional changes in the microcirculation in sepsis; the work involved utilisation of intravital microscopy to assess the microcirculatory changes (particularly permeability) in an in vivo model of severe sepsis. He established the intravital microscopy set-up, within the research group. This was part of Professor TW Evan’s research group involved in vascular biology in the critically ill.



He was one of 3 bronchoscopists involved in a clinical pilot study looking at the effects of a neutrophil elastase inhibitor ZD8321 (Zeneca pharma) on Neutrophil migration to the lungs of patients following cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

Diagnostic bronchoscopy –TBNA and Rinse biopsies:

He is involved in several clinical research projects involving diagnostic bronchoscopic techniques (Transbronchial needle aspiration, endobronchial ultrasound and diathermy forceps biopsies) in lung malignancy, Bronchial Thermoplasty for Asthma and new bronchoscopic sampling techniques and valves for emphysema.

Interstitial Lung Disease:

Study of the clinico-patho-radiologic features of chronic EAA in a retrospective study at the Royal Brompton Hospital with Professors Athol Wells, David Hansell and Andrew Nicholson.


Westminster Medical School Grant – A comparison of Bronchoscopic microsample probes and Bronchoalveolar Lavage for analysis of inflammatory markers in Burns related inhalational injury and acute lung injury. Evaluation of Critical Care Outreach service impact – qualitative and quantitative.


Director of Clinical Studies (Undergraduate medicine) – Chelsea and Westminster Campus, Imperial College, London Educational Subcommittee member – North Thames STC in Respiratory Medicine IBTICM Local Tutor for Intensive Care Medicine

  • Imperial College Year 1: Respiratory Module- Acute respiratory medicine (2001-
  • Imperial College Year 3/6: Lecturer- Respiratory /Critical Care medicine (2001-
  • Respiratory BSc course, NHLI, Imperial College – Bronchoscopy (Examiner)
  • MBBS Finals Examiner (Imperial College 2003-
  • Guy’s hospital MRCP part II (PACES) course examiner (1997-.
  • Imperial College PACES course examiner
  • Advanced Life Support course instructor (Chelsea& Westminster, Royal Brompton)
  • Respiratory MSc Diploma course at The Royal Brompton Hospital
  • Physiotherapy MSc in cardiorespiratory medicine course –NHLI
  • ALERT course Faculty – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • FY1/2 Clinical Tutor - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • SpR (Calman Training) Lecturer – Respiratory/Pan-London ICM CST course
  • Faculty of the annual Advances in Bronchoscopy course at the Royal Brompton Hospital, NHLI, Imperial College (1999-.
  • Faculty – CritiCare Chennai Feb 2006 – Indian Intensive Care Society annual conference
  • Faculty – SleepChennai July 2006 – Nithra Institute of Sleep Medicine – Visiting Lecturer
  • PASTEST Consultant Advanced Medicine course (Respiratory session chair)
  • Faculty – SleepCon Apr 2009 – International Sleep Medicine Conference, Chennai, India – Visiting Lecturer
  • Time dependent effects of L-NAME on pulmonary transvascular macromolecular transport in endotoxaemia. British Thoracic Society Winter conference, London, U.K, Dec 1997.
  • Effects of L-NAME on pulmonary transvascular macromolecular transport in endotoxaemia. Intensive Care Society / Riverside group meeting Dec 1997.
  • Effects of saline infusion and L-NAME on systemic and pulmonary protein transport in endotoxaemic sepsis. European Respiratory Society annual congress, Geneva, Switzerland, 19-23 Sept 1998.
  • Does N-Nitro-L-Arginine methylester (L-NAME) worsen pulmonary oedema in sepsis/acute lung injury? European Respiratory Society annual congress, Geneva, Switzerland, 19-23 Sept 1998.
  • Fluid resuscitation and skeletal muscle heterogeneity in experimental sepsis. European Shock Society meeting, La Hulpe, Belgium, 15-18 Oct 1998.
  • Capillary density heterogeneity in experimental sepsis. Intensive care Society meeting. London, England, Dec 11-12 1999.
  • Specific NOS inhibition attenuates endotoxin-induced gut permeability in vivo: fluorescence videomicroscopy. American Thoracic Society international conference. Toronto, Canada, May 8-10 2000.
  • Capillary density heterogeneity in endotoxemia: the influence of nitric oxide and fluid resuscitation. American Thoracic Society international conference. Toronto, Canada, May 8-10 2000.
  • MATISSE -thromboembolic disease treatment study investigators meeting. Monte Carlo, Dec 9-10 1999: sponsored by Organon/Sanofi Synthelabo.
  • NOS inhibition with 1400W attenuates gut permeability in sepsis: intravital fluorescence videomicroscopy. World Lung Congress, Florence, Aug 30- Sep 2 2000.
  • Chronic EAA is prevalent and has a differing course to usual interstitial pneumonia. American Thoracic Society international conference. Seattle,USA, May18 2003. Oral Presentation.
  • Non invasive ventilation for acute respiratory failure: value as a ceiling therapy.British Thoracic Society Winter conference, London, U.K, Dec 2005/6.
  • ‘Herstory’ –The importance of the family interview in diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Sleep Medicine, Chennai, India July 8/9 2006
  • The role of Transbronchial needle aspiration in an integrated care pathway for the diagnosis and staging of suspected lung cancer.British Thoracic Society Winter conference, London, U.K, Dec 2006;S35.
  • Endobronchial Stents for malignant strictures. Advances in Bronchoscopy course. NHLI and Royal Brompton Hospital, 1 Feb 2007.
  • Percutaneous Chest Drain Insertion. An evaluation. Hellenic Society for Trauma and Emergency Medicine, Athens 22 Feb 2007.
  • Sepsis Care Bundles improve outcomes – PRO-CON, BTS HDU Meeting 9 Dec 2007
  • COPD and ICU – BTS 10 Dec 2008.
  • Endobronchial Stents – Advances in Bronchoscopy course, Royal Brompton Hospital, Feb 2009.
  • Perioperative Management of Sleep Apnoea – SleepCon2009, Chennai, India, Apr 2009.

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